DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET MVC 8.1 SP1

Release date: November 30, 2015 (build 8.1.5813)


  • DayPilot.Date.parse() supports "MMMM" and "MMM" (month names). (build 5812)
  • DayPilot.Date.parse() returns null for formally correct but invalid input - e.g. DayPilot.Date.parse("2/29/2015", "M/d/yyyy") (build 5812)
  • Active area with action: "Bubble" supported on touch devices. (build 5812)
  • [Scheduler] UI update in postponed and merged - multiple calls will cause just one UI redraw (Scheduler). (build 5812)
  • DayPilot.Modal.opener() added. (build 5812)
  • [Scheduler] Move/ResizeStart/ResizeEnd active areas in floating event divs supported. (build 5812)
  • [Calendar] ResizeEnd and ResizeStart event active areas supported in the Calendar. (build 5812)


  • Submitting the notification queue fixed. (build 5812)
  • Cancel the default event tap action for active area with action: "ContextMenu". (build 5812)
  • [Scheduler] Time range selection updated after browser window resize. (build 5812)
  • [Navigator] Navigator themes fixed (navigator_8, navigator_blue, navigator_g, navigator_green, navigator_transparent, navigator_white). (build 5812)
  • [Scheduler] All FinishToStart type links fixed (Scheduler). (build 5812)
  • [Scheduler] Real-time position indicator locale fixed. (build 5812)
  • [Calendar] Pinch gesture doesn't trigger time range selecting. (build 5812)
  • [Scheduler] Pinch gesture doesn't trigger time range selecting. (build 5812)