DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET MVC 7.7 SP5

Release date: April 15, 2014 (build 7.7.5664)

event calendar mvc week


  • [Scheduler] CellGroupBy and TimeHeaders working together (default TimeHeaders[0].GroupBy is set to GroupBy.Default which uses CellGroupBy value). (build 5660)
  • [Scheduler] .cells.findXy accepts an array of coordinates: dp.cells.findXy([{x:0, y:0}, {x:0, y:1}]); (build 5662)
  • [Month] Generated locale updated with abbreviated day and month names. (build 5663)
  • [Calendar] Calendar demos extended. (build 5663)


  • [Scheduler] Updating floating headers during window.resize. (build 5661)
  • Tab and menu links fixed and simplified. (build 5663)
  • DemoExtensions fixed. (build 5663)
  • Bubble activation fixed. (build 5663)