DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET MVC 2022.1.6063

Release date: March 15, 2022


  • [Month] Event bar with customizable color


  • [Calendar] Monthly calendar default CSS theme tweaks (start/end, word wrapping disabled). (build 6061)
  • [Calendar] Default duration bar width changed to 6px (used to be 4px) - default Calendar CSS theme (build 6061)
  • [Scheduler] Combination of resource rows and day rows allowed in viewType="Days" mode (Scheduler). (build 6061)
  • DayPilotMonthConfig.EventBarVisible property added (build 6062)


  • [Scheduler] Event arrangement inside concurrent event groups fixed - may have resulted in a wrong expanded row height (Scheduler). (build 6061)
  • [Scheduler] Deep resource tree node "expanded" state fixed (Scheduler). (build 6061)
  • [Scheduler] Event groups disappearing after update - fixed (Scheduler). (build 6061)
  • [Scheduler] Calling events.edit() for the same event twice doesn't cancel the editing mode anymore (Scheduler). (build 6061)
  • [Scheduler] Event layers cleaned up after rendering rows (Scheduler). (build 6061)
  • [Scheduler] Expanding groups that include event versions - row height fixed (Scheduler). (build 6061)