Namespace: DayPilot.Web.Mvc.Data
Assembly: DayPilot.Web.Mvc (in DayPilot.Web.Mvc.dll) Version: 8.0.5796.0 (8.0.5796.0)


public enum AreaAction
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration AreaAction
Visual C++
public enum class AreaAction


Member nameValueDescription
None0 No action. The active will be displayed but it clicking/dragging will not do anything.
JavaScript1 Custom JavaScript will be executed on click.
ContextMenu2 Context menu will be displayed on click. Only supported for target objects that support context menu.
ResizeEnd3 Activates event resizing on mouse down (changes event end). Only supported for events.
ResizeStart4 Activates event resizing on mouse down (changes event start). Only supported for events.
Move5 Activates event moving on mouse down. Only supported for events.
Bubble6 Activates the default bubble. Only supported for events.
HoverMenu7 Activate a context menu on hover.

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