The EventResizeArgs type exposes the following members.


Public propertyData
Custom data.
(Inherited from DayPilotArgs.)
Public propertyId
Event value (DayPilotCalendar.DataValueField property).
Public propertyNewEnd
New event ending date and time.
Public propertyNewStart
New event starting date and time.
Public propertyOldEnd
Original event ending date and time (DayPilotCalendar.DataEndField property).
Public propertyOldStart
Original event starting date and time (DayPilotCalendar.DataStartField property).
Public propertyRecurrent
Is the event part of a recurrent event sequence?
Public propertyRecurrentException
True if this is an exception from the recurrent event series.
Public propertyRecurrentMasterId
Id of the recurrent event definition (not of this occurrence).
Public propertyTag
Custom event data (DayPilotCalendar.DataTagField property).
Public propertyText
Event text. (DayPilotCalendar.DataTextField property).

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