The BeforeCellRenderArgs type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBackgroundColor
Background color of the cell, e.g. "#FF0000", "blue".
Public propertyBackgroundImage
URL of the cell background image.
Public propertyBackgroundRepeat
CSS rule for background repeating, e.g. "repeat-x".
Public propertyCssClass
Cell CSS class.
Public propertyEnd
Ending time of the cell. Read-only.
Public propertyHeaderBackColor
Background color of the cell header.
Public propertyHeaderHtml
Custom cell header HTML.
Public propertyInnerHtml
Custom cell HTML.
Public propertyIsBusiness
Overrides the default rule for determining if the cell is within business hours. It affects background color of the cell, but only if BackgroundColor property is not changed.
Public propertyStart
Starting time of the cell. Read-only.

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