The BeforeHeaderRenderArgs type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAreas
Active areas.
Public propertyBackgroundColor
Get or set the background color of the column header, e.g. "#FF0000", "blue".
Public propertyDate
Get the column date (Column.Date).
Public propertyId
Get the column value (Column.Value).
Public propertyInnerHtml
Get or set the column header HTML.
Public propertyIsCorner Obsolete.
True for the upper-left header cell. Obsolete. Use DayPilotCalendar.CornerHtml and .CornerBackColor instead. OnBeforeHeaderRender is not called for the upper-left corner anymore.
Public propertyName
Get the column name (Column.Name).
Public propertyToolTip
Get or set the column header tooltip.

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